improving your digital marketing strategy

Why You Should Spring Clean Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Why Should You be Improving Digital Marketing Strategy?

Your approach to digital marketing should change in accordance with ever-changing audience behaviours and trends. No successful marketing campaign is a stagnant one, making it all the more crucial to keep up with the times and adapt your strategy to suit.

This guide will take you through exactly why you should spring clean your digital marketing strategy. We will also uncover some top tips for improving your digital marketing strategy while doing so.

Should I Change My Digital Marketing Strategy?

In short – yes, your marketing strategy should be fluid enough to roll with the ever-changing needs of Google and your consumers.

If you notice something’s not working, or on the contrary performing VERY well, then you need to adjust the number of eggs you have in each marketing channel basket to optimise your strategy for the best results.

Giving your digital marketing strategy a spring clean doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Instead, it allows you to dust off any cobwebs, realign your goals and move your company forward as a result.

5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Digital Marketing Strategy

We call it a ‘spring clean’ as the process is very similar to clearing out your home. By tackling one area at a time, you’ll allow yourself to remain both focused and organised.

  1. Assess Current Performance

To kick things off, it’s wise to assess the performance of your current campaign. This will help you to establish what’s working, and what isn’t. When assessing performance, keep your current goal in mind and focus on the metrics that coincide with this. For example, have sales increased since starting the campaign? Is your business seeing a positive return on investment? This will soon help you to decide whether the campaign is performing as well as it should be.

improving your digital marketing strategy
  1. Rethink Your Goals

As your business evolves, so should its goals. When reflecting on your goals, ask yourself if your current ones help to advance the business. If the answer is no, use this as an opportunity to set new specific goals that do.

With help from reflecting on current performance, you should already have a pretty clear idea as to where you want to take the business next. Whether it’s doubling a particular metric or increasing revenue by a certain percentage, get as specific as possible. This will help to keep your digital marketing strategy in line with your vision.

  1. Check In With Your Audience

Keeping up with trends is crucial for success. Trends shape our online behaviour, proving just how vital it is to check in on your audience from time to time. Your digital marketing strategy must meet their needs and expectations.

When checking in on audience behaviour, use the following pointers to assess whether your strategy is keeping up with the times:

● Are you utilising different forms of content? (1200% more shares are generated by video content as opposed to content with images!)

● Does your strategy cater to mobile? (nearly 60% of searches are carried out on mobile devices)

● Are you using a personalised approach? (a huge 80% of customers are more likely to shop when a business provides a personalised experience)

The above three instances are just a few recent trends that will shape the way your audience behaves online.

improving your digital marketing strategy
  1. Spy On Competition

Keeping an eye on your competition will allow you to find gaps or ‘blind spots’ in their strategies, giving you something that you can start focusing on. This helps your business stand out from the crowd, rather than following the swarm of competitors offering the same things. You can assess competitor activity on a whole range of platforms, including:

● Buzzsumo
● Ahrefs
● SEMrush

5. Create A Calendar

If you don’t stay organised when spring cleaning, you’ll have to start the whole process again a few weeks down the line. The same applies to your digital marketing strategy.

When you transform your strategy and set new goals, it’s important to make note of all your plans in an easy-to-read format. The best way to guarantee a seamless transition is by putting all of these plans into a calendar.

A calendar will help synchronise all of your marketing efforts, giving you and your team a clear overview of what’s happening and when. This allows you to deliver the very best strategy without overlapping on messages or spamming your audience.

Creating a calendar will also help to make your next spring clean stress-free. You’ll be able to see exactly what’s been going on, making it easier to identify any missing parts or past mistakes.

improving your digital marketing strategy

Treat Your Digital Marketing Like You Treat Your Home

Digital marketing trends can change in an instant, meaning it’s important to perform spring cleans on a routine basis. For best results, work on optimising your strategies every few months and perform overhauls every six months to a year. This will keep your eyes on the prize while storming ahead of the competition.

We hope this guide gave you a good understanding on why you should be improving your digital marketing strategy.

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