About Us & How We Got Here!

We started this business before we knew we’d started a business, sounds crazy right? Let me tell you how that happened.

When I was 18 I decided to go to University to study Computer Science and Business, it was what everyone was doing. I hated it. I left before the end of the second year. But whilst I was there I got my first design job, I was asked by my employer to design promotional leaflets, I had no idea what I was doing. In my spare time during those two years at University I taught myself the Adobe packages, Corel packages and a bunch of other things.

I’d found something I loved doing. Creating solutions to problems. There was one problem I always felt up against: finding a holistic place where I could find information that encompassed the huge array of things I was doing. Everything I taught myself was from hundreds of websites and videos, and I want to share that knowledge and learning with you through this website. As a place for professionals and newbies alike to expand their horizons.

“To create something that’s professional but relatable. That’s the goal.”

— Stasys Mitchell, Director.

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Licenses & FAQ


Where do you get the resources from?

We build these resources ourselves, this is our knowledge and experience. If there is anything that isn’t ours then we will reference that within the article or page.

How do I download a resource?

If our content is available for active download then there will be a link to download it within the article. If the resource or download doesn’t belong to us then we will link it within the article for you to download directly from the source.


Can I use your resources for commercial purposes?

The short answer: For some things. The long answer: We aim to be able to provide these sources for you to use, as long as we are credited appropriately then please feel free to use them for (most) commercial purposes. We own the Copyright to these Resources (unless stated otherwise) so do not remove the Copyright mark. Our works and resources cannot be reproduced anywhere without our consent for anything that will be sold.

Are there any limitations on the number of resources available for download?

No there are no limitations to how many times you can download our resources. We believe in freedom of information. The internet is one of the best resources we have and we should utilize it to expand our common knowledge.

Can I redistribute the resources I downloaded?

Yes, as long as we are credited and our Copyright Mark is not removed.

Can I link your resource on my website?

Yes! We want to share this with the world, so link away.


I can no longer download resources.

If there is no active download link on a specific resource then it’s more than likely we are updating that resource, you can email us to get a notification once it’s back live or you can keep checking back.

Resources are no longer visible.

Resource Ghost? But in all seriousness, sometimes URL’s change once we have a website update or resource update so please check that first. If you still can’t access or re-download a resource and there is no note on the article to say it’s currently being updated then pop us an email and we will have a look at it.


Can I contribute to your resource collection?

We love collab-ing, if you want to co-write or host a resource then send us an email and we can talk.

I submitted resources, but they are not available on your site.

If you’ve submitted a request and haven’t had a response please send us an email and give us a nudge. We are a small, independent team and we are very busy day-in-day-out and sometimes we miss an email, but let us know if we have, we wanna talk and publish more resources.

Still got a question?

Ping us an email and we will get back to you.

We Offer an awesome place where learning is Key, creativity is King and Knowledge is power.

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