Easter Marketing Ideas

Our Top 5 Easter Marketing Ideas

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It’s that time of year again, when supermarkets are filling their shelves with chocolate and kids are picking out their Easter eggs. Easter can sometimes fall to the side in comparison to Christmas, this is why we have compiled a list of our favourite Easter marketing ideas.

Three quarters of Brits (74%) plan to celebrate Easter this year so its important that your business has the right marketing ideas to capitalise on this chocolate-filled holiday.

With Easter nearly upon us – it’s time to get ahead. Read on to discover our favourite Easter marketing ideas!

Our Favourite Easter Marketing Ideas

1. Encourage user-generated content through Competitions

User-generated content (UGC) is any content (e.g.videos, images, reviews) that is created by people relating to a brand. UGC is a great marketing tool as it essentially gives you free advertising from customers as they post/share content on different online platforms. This increases your social media engagement and provides you with content to share on your own pages.

For Easter marketing, this can be done through Competitions such as an Easter egg drawing competition. Here you can ask your audience to send in their children’s Easter egg drawing through social media using a branded hashtag. This is a great way to connect with your customers, especially if your target audience consists of families/parents.

Not only will this increase traffic for your social pages, but it can also be translated to blog content by creating a gallery for your audience to view the entries.

2. Give your online presence a touch of Easter Flair

Giving your online content a seasonal refresh is always important, so Easter is no exception. Adding a consistent Easter theme throughout your online content creates stronger brand synergy. This will also help with any additional easter campaigns you may be running.

These changes can be made to your logo, social media & website banners, website landing page, newsletters, email signatures etc. Here is a great example of Asda giving a slight nod to Easter by changing their logo on Twitter.

3. Promote your Spring Collections and offers

Spring has sprung! Easter is a great time to showcase your new spring collections. Offering Spring/Easter discounts or sales is a great way to capitalize on the holiday no matter what type of business you are.

Additionally, if you are not selling Easter eggs another way to promote your products could be an Easter gift guide for your customers.

4. Run An Easter Egg Hunt

Another one of our favourite Easter marketing ideas is creating an Easter Egg hunt!

You might be thinking that this option is only for businesses with a physical store, but this can be easily translated to web. Hiding an Easter bunny or egg somewhere on your website means customers will be scanning each page of your site to find them. As a result, your website traffic and session time will increase – and hopefully so will your sales!

If you do have a physical store this can be a great time to team up to create an Easter egg hunt with other local businesses in your area – especially if you’re on the high street.

You can also offer an Easter-themed prize or gift card to be won in a draw to incite customers to take part.

Easter Marketing Ideas

5. Create Easter Content

It can sometimes be hard to generate loads of blog ideas, so holidays are a great way to gain inspiration for content. This can be a great time to add Easter themed recipes or crafts to your blog. Creating blog content is important for increasing your site’s performance/traffic.

Posting recipes and crafts can also serve as another opportunity for UGC by asking customers to send in pictures of their own attempts.

Better Get Planning!

So there you have it, a rough and ready round-up of our favourite Easter Marketing Ideas for 2021!

Easter Marketing Ideas

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