Top 5 Marketing Campaigns From 2020

No.1  Greggs X Vegan

These promo videos immediately sparked feelings of excitement, especially as Greggs were being oh-so-vague.The final announcement of the Vegan Steak Bake resulted in 189.5k views on Twitter alone.

No.2  Guinness –  St. Patrick’s Day

Guinness decided it was time to lift the mood, as a result, 21% of the public said that they would share the content on social media because it ‘defined the spirit and mood of the time’.

No.3  Emily Veg Sticks

Just as the world had to shut down, instead of giving up, the marketing team used their quick initiative to change the nature of the ads and make fun of their setbacks.

No.4  Starbucks – Wear Your Mask

Another brand that took ‘the new normal’ in their stride was Starbucks. Famous for writing your name on a cup (and not always getting it right!), Starbucks played up to this to remind customers to wear a mask

No.5  Apple – Creativity Goes On

Apple decided to create a marketing campaign full of ‘raw at-home footage’. Once again, the feelings of togetherness that this campaign created helped to reside with a wider audience.