Sales and CRMs – what you need to know

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There are many ways to store your sales database aren’t there? You could use a spreadsheet, lots of client data in different cells, contact details, addresses, contact names. These can be updated when necessary. It all makes perfect sense, right? Surely there’s no need for complex software just to know who are customers are? 

Imagine this; your business works with 50 different customers at present. Their accounts vary in size, as you would expect, not all customers are the same. Your company has a small team, 3 sales/customer service members. One of the customers has called to query an order, but the team member who dealt with their original request is unavailable. Your spreadsheet of names and contact details is unlikely to help you here. 

Now imagine a system where, not only every piece of customer contact data is stored and updated as required, but also a system where every piece of information relating to conversations and actual contact with that particular customer are logged, stored and linked to their profiles. The potential for communication continuity here is golden; whoever is dealing with the call can see who spoke to the customer last time, what the issues were, what was being done to resolve them and at what stage the process is at. 

Think from a sales perspective; having easily accessible data to hand about the customer and past orders can inform your marketing strategies greatly. It can not only guide you in what to market to whom, it can almost lead you directly to a place to maximise your sales to grow your business. 

Sales Pipeline

The Pipeline

What’s a sales pipeline? Simply put, your pipeline is tomorrow’s business, tomorrow’s sales and tomorrow’s customers. Growing your business means working on today and prospecting for tomorrow. 

A CRM is a powerful tool in building the relationship with a new customer. With calls and emails logged, call backs and meetings scheduled, every interaction is maximised. It makes no sense to be a data hater! All information is power, allowing you to target your campaigns appropriately. 

Much of marketing can be perceived as making people buy things they don’t need, when the reality should be, connecting the right people with the right product or service. 

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