how technologies aid employees with disabilities

How Technologies Can Aid Employees with Disabilities

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Guest Written by Patrick Young

Thanks to Tech, Individuals With Disabilities Have Increased Workforce Advantage

Persons with disabilities are valuable members of our communities, yet they have not always had the chances they deserve to compete in the workforce. Thanks to tech developments, however, people with disabilities are discovering increased opportunities to pursue their career goals. As more businesses begin to value the many contributions of disabled persons, they are more willing to invest in the technologies that can assist them. These technological advancements also mean more opportunities for disabled persons to work independently as freelancers or even to start their own companies. Here are some of the top ways persons with disabilities can tap into tech to further their careers.

Technological advances make remote work and learning possible.

Many persons with disabilities may find it more difficult to travel, commute, and get around in the workplace. Even with more offices becoming disability-friendly, simply getting from home to work and back again can be a chore. Advances in internet and communication tech open more opportunities to work from home. Additionally, the trend toward remote means it’s far easier now to pursue a degree or career training from home. This gives those with disabilities a chance to hone their skills and be more competitive in the workforce.

Thanks to tech, disabled persons can pursue entrepreneurship.

Many budding entrepreneurs are taking advantage of digital tech to start their own businesses out of their homes. This is another area in which opportunities for disabled persons are expanding. Not only is it possible to run a business entirely from one’s home, using internet technology, one can also create and market products and services that are completely digital. This alleviates concerns about physical ability and mobility, as well as issues regarding safe product storage. Plugins and apps, graphic design, and e-books are all digital products that can be sold repeatedly online, potentially generating passive income. Freelancing is another way individuals with disabilities can pursue income independently. Accounting, copyediting, and podcast marketing services are some popular ideas for freelancers.

Assistive technologies are tools for career success for disabled persons.

Assistive technologies have advanced tremendously in recent years. While this doesn’t mean the playing field is necessarily level, it does mean disabled persons have far more resources available to them, allowing them to flourish in the workplace and monetize their talents. Assistive technology can help those with mobility issues, vision impairment, and barriers to communication. Ergonomic devices and even head/mouth keyboards increase opportunities for persons with decreased mobility. Video magnifiers, screen readers, and even braille displays allow the visually impaired to work independently. Communication and speech-generating devices and apps make it easier for those who rely on alternative modes of communication.

Digitalization makes it easier for disabled persons to be hired.

The job search process can be stressful for anyone and is likely to be even more stressful for those with disabilities. With more companies digitizing their job postings, recruitment, and onboarding, this smooths the way for those with disabilities when it comes to locating jobs for which they are qualified and when it comes to the application process. Disabled persons can use keywords to search for listings on job boards, as well as read reviews to see which companies are most likely to be disability-friendly. It is even possible to post your resume online, so you don’t have to constantly resend it. Employers may even come looking for you.

As employers make their work areas more disability-friendly and tech developers focus on creating assistive technologies, opportunities for disabled persons should continue to grow. Hopefully, this will lead to increased awareness of what disabled persons have to offer, both in the individual workplace and in the economy as a whole. If you are a person with a disability who is considering starting a business, the resources at Slam Marketing can help you. Visit the site today.

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