How Important Will Digital Marketing Be in 2021?


The ink is still wet on 2020 but right now, you’re probably planning out your 2021 activations and more importantly, trying to secure that all-important budget increase from the FD… *gulp*.

We know that marketing is essential. In fact, if COVID-19 has shown us anything, it’s that a consumer-centric marketing strategy is crucial. Yes, we’re well aware there’s a lot of “c” words going down.

Here’s another one for you too – community! 

Driven by marketing teams to deliver outreach communications to clients, “community” came to the fore in 2020 and will be a hot trend that’s cemented in 2021.

We don’t want to tell our granny how to suck eggs but you all know that marketing isn’t about creating a pretty Facebook ad to promote a product that drives a sale or subscription. It’s all about building relationships with your audience – aka community – and delivering upon your brand values and consumer promises.


How To get A Head Start With Upcoming Marketing Trends


1)     Relationship Building & Trust

Your brand needs to be relatable. You need to build up rapport and trust and that can only be done over time and with consistency.

2)     You Need Brand Differentiation

The digital acceleration that COVID-19 has delivered has brought with it increased brand proliferation and choice. There’s very little that is truly “new” or unique coming through but what the consumer does have is way more choice.

Many of the traditional marketing channels are now over-saturated (and expensive) so that means you need to make your communication channels work even harder for you. Your brand needs to cut through all the crowds and the chatter and clearly differentiate itself from the competition.

3)     The Right Marketing Helps you Stand Out from the Crowd

We live in a “digital-first” world so it’s easier than ever before to reach your target customer but, what you need to focus on is grabbing their attention. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel to do that – just focus on relevancy.

By that, we mean delivering relevant content, via relevant channels that offer relevant promotions.

4)     Foster a Sense of Community

We all like to “belong” and your customer is no different. We’re not suggesting that your entire marketing strategy now needs to take on a whole new social responsibility angle – but it is important that you market your brand from a holistic, whole-ecosystem perspective.

Show that you care about your end consumer and do more than just produce products or deliver services.

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