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Celebrating Six months Climate Positive

Written by Ella Pegrum on .

This Earth Day we are celebrating 6 months of having a climate-positive workforce. This was made possible by partnering with Ecologi.

Ecologi is an organization that partners with climate projects all over the world to offset carbon emissions. They offer a Climate Positive Workforce scheme where you can grow a company forest to offset the emissions from your team’s personal and professional lives.

climate positive

This is only the start of our climate-positive journey. Our next sustainability goal with Ecoligi is to plant 1,000 trees.

Partnering with Ecologi is just one way you as a business can have a positive impact on the environment. Below we’ve listed a few ideas to help you take the steps towards a more eco-friendly future.

4 Business Sustainability Practice Examples

1. Implementing brand goals, values and missions.

Incorporating sustainable practices/aims allows sustainability to be reflected in corporate strategies and become a priority within your operations.

In addition, assigning accountability through goals and objectives (e.g. aiming for carbon neutrality) also ensures your company is held responsible for your aims.

2. Sustainability training

Training employees can serve as a great benefit, especially if sustainability is a key focus for your business. Allowing Employees to fully understand why these changes might be happening also encourages them to get on board with the companies goals.

Alternatively, practices such as “lunch and learns” can help encourage employees to give their own ideas for implementing eco-friendly practices.

3. Green incentives or schemes

Making things a team effort can help encourage employees to take part and make them feel a part of a bigger impact.

Schemes like cycle to work can even help you save money and be more sustainable at the same time.

4. Offsetting CO2 emissions

As previously mentioned we have decided to join Ecologi to become climate positive, but there are a lot of options open to your business for taking the steps to offset the businesses’ and employees CO2 emissions.

Encouraging business or personal flights to be booked through websites such as FlyGRN can also help reduce CO2 emissions for free.

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