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In an ever-changing business world having an idea that will produce results and make profit is almost like a silver bullet! From the outside looking in, it can all look like a simple and pain-free process. Come up with an idea, put it into action, market it a bit and it’s sorted, a fully functioning successful business! 

Of course, that isn’t close to reality for most people and businesses. It’s a process of trial and error, research and data crunching and then separating your failures from your successes so you can adopt a ‘Stop, Start, Continue’ approach. 

What’s not working? What’s the data and evidence that supports that? Let’s stop that, rather than carry on in the groove and be afraid of change. 

What’s working? What’s the data and evidence that supports that? If just as important to question your beliefs on what’s working as much as what isn’t. Let’s do more of this and continue! 

What should we start doing? This could be based on direct data and evidence derived from ‘Stop and Continue’ or new ideas. 

Stop Start continue

We believe your ideas will have a higher success rate when they’re based on a data-driven approach. And maybe ‘Stop, Start, Continue’ doesn’t apply to an entire idea or approach but rather just to facets of it. 

Either way, success in business is all about trying and adapting as you go. Each step brings new knowledge. Each new piece of knowledge gives way to new ideas and additional learning. 

At Slam we love collaborating, often even if it’s just for a chat about work and what we’re all learning. Networking and connecting is vital to not isolating yourself in a bubble of misplaced beliefs and ideas. We need you as much as we all need each other. 

We Offer an awesome place where learning is Key, creativity is King and Knowledge is power.

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