Marketing can sound like such a scary term to some businesses. Is it a mystical art? What does it really mean? Where would I even start? So many questions, the really good news is there are hundreds of resources out there that are simple to use and highly effective. 

Here at Slam we’ve put together a little resource of some of the tools we think you’d find both easy to use and effective for your journey in Marketing. It’s not to say these are the only tools, but these are the best ones in our opinion to get you started. 


Canva is an online platform for creating graphics and visual content. It can be used to create social media graphics, posters and all sorts of documents. There are a wealth of templates, fonts, graphics and illustrations you can use on Canva to create the piece you require. There is a low barrier to use, meaning it’s simple to get to grips with. 


WeTranfer is s file transfer service, so if you’re working on media material and you need to share large files with your team. This is ideal.


Bitly is an online service designed to shorten long and extended links to a much shorter link. Also, it can track the activity and clicks around the links it creates, making it a powerful tool in knowing your stats. 


MailChimp is a Marketing platform specifically designed to manage contact with clients. It allows you to schedule and automate emails to your customer base. Its also a great place to start for a simple CRM.


Placeit is an online platform for the creation of lots of different types of media. There is so much you can do with Placeit, from creating a video, a logo to a design template. It’s straight forward to use but can deliver stunning results in no time. 


HubSpot is a CRM system for inbound marketing, customer service and sales. It can start basic, but then take you deep into workflows, automation, integration of chat bots and tools for lead generation, conversions and so much more. It’s one of the most powerful tools in its field.  


Dafont is a website for downloading fonts to use in your marketing materials or any other work, graphic or document you’re creating. The choice is massive and you can search by various categories. 

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Tools for Marketing

There are so many free and easy to use tools for Marketing out there.

We’ve put together a little overview of some of the coolest tools for you to use to get you going on your marketing journey.

Format – xlsx
License – Free to Use
Date – 12 Jan, 2022
Creator – Ella Pegrum

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