It’s that time again… where hundreds of brands compete for the title of the best Christmas advert. And, let’s face it, most of them are aspiring to be on-par with John Lewis, who undoubtedly smash it year after year!

While 2020 has been a strange year for us all, the events that unfolded got us thinking about Christmas way earlier than planned. Would the Christmas adverts reflect the sign of the times? Will John Lewis use the events of 2020 to pull on heartstrings more than ever before?

The time has come – we don’t have to wait any longer as adverts are rolling out across the nation. Read on to discover our favourite Christmas campaigns of 2020. Warning: grab the tissues.

Our favourite Christmas Campaigns of 2020

1. Disney – From Our Family To Yours

Nothing creates a sense of empathy quite like a Christmas advert focusing on the older generation. While Disney didn’t directly approach the pandemic in their 2020 christmas advert, they still managed to create a tear-jerker by highlighting the importance of tradition.

Within this Christmas campaign, titled ‘From Our Family To Yours’, we meet a granddaughter and grandmother sticking to their Christmas tradition of making star lanterns. However, as the granddaughter gets older, she becomes disengaged, not realising the hurt she is causing. This causes her grandmother to feel lonely – a feeling all too familiar during this pandemic. As the years pass, the granddaughter realises she lost sight of tradition and decorates her grandmother’s home. She realises the importance of coming together, especially at Christmas time.

Although a hard watch, Disney’s 2020 Christmas campaign successfully reminds all of us that traditions hold us together. After a year of being isolated, this has never been so important.

2. Aldi – Kevin The Carrot

We can always rely on Aldi to provide a bit of light-hearted relief at Christmas time. And, back by popular demand, Aldi’s Christmas 2020 campaign reintroduces us to Kevin The Carrot!

Aldi’s short – but very sweet – Christmas advert takes us on an adventure. As Kevin The Carrot tries to make it home in time for Christmas, he encounters a series of unfortunate events that delay his arrival. We particularly love that this advert has something for everyone; younger generations will focus on the talking carrot whereas older generations will notice subtle movie hints throughout.

After making it home just in time, the advert ends with a message from Santa, explaining that “There’s nothing quite like Christmas together”. Similarly to Disney, Aldi subtly uses the pandemic to their advantage, reminding us that this is a time of togetherness – even if we aren’t together in person.

3. Tesco – No Naughty List

If you need a good laugh (don’t we all?), then look no further than Tesco’s 2020 Christmas advert. If you’re looking for a brand that completely milks this year’s events, it’s safe to say Tesco hits the nail on the head.

With Britney Spears playing in the background and a series of Tesco shoppers committing their ‘lockdown sins’, Tesco’s Christmas advert is like no other. From buying too many loo rolls to giving up on homeschooling, the advert raises very real struggles that we’ve all faced throughout the year. The best part? No one makes it on to the naughty list.

Tesco did a great job of shining a positive light on a not-so positive year. With help from humour and relatable issues, the supermarket giant successfully connected with the whole nation. It’s been a tough year for us all – and we deserve a treat.

4. Amazon – The Show Must Go On

Amazon’s 2020 Christmas advert is another that takes a positive spin on seemingly negative events. The advert follows the life of a young dancer who cannot perform due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, with a bit of independence and determination, she continues to practise. The end of the advert shows her family and friends teaming together to create a stage; proving that anything is possible, no matter the circumstances.

Many jobs have been affected by this global pandemic, resulting in added stress and uncertainty all over the world. While those in the performing arts can relate hugely to Amazon’s advert, absolutely anyone can empathise with the hurt and frustration. Amazons’ 2020 Christmas advert provides a gentle reminder that we don’t have to dampen our spirits.

5. Waitrose & John Lewis – Give A Little Love

There’s only one way to end this 2020 roundup – with the hugely anticipated John Lewis advert. Inspired by the kindness seen during the pandemic, John Lewis & Waitrose combined different forms of moving art to create something truly magical. Each scene was created by a different artist – this was in an attempt to get as many industries affected by the pandemic involved as possible.

The main goal of John Lewis’ 2020 Christmas advert was to remind us that kindness always wins. There is always a community ready and waiting to lift you up. That’s a message we all need to hear, now more than ever.

Rounded up, with a bow on top

The common themes and messages that we see every year hit home a little more, given the circumstances. These adverts help to keep spirits high and remind us all that our families and good health are all that really matters.

We certainly won’t be fast-forwarding through the Christmas adverts this year! Let us know which one is your favourite!




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